18 Feb Incontinence and How to Overcome It: Kegel Exercises for Urinary/Bowel Incontinence

Unwanted passage of urine or stool is called incontinence.Weak pelvic muscles lead to urine leakage (incontinence). Using kegel exercises for urinary incontinence will strengthen the muscles supporting the bladder, the urethra, rectum and uterus. Practicing kegel exercises regularly reduces and ultimately eliminates urine leakage. It may even prevent the need of having surgery done. If you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you will ease your urinary incontinence, as simple as that. This can provide better control and ease bladder and bowel dysfunction. You need strong pelvic floor muscles for better control for your urinary and bowel movements. By doing regular exercises with pelvic floor training device you can improve the strength in your pelvic floor and sphincter muscles...

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