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Kegel Product



Kegel Product

NeoKeg is a revolutionary KEGEL Exercises Device. KEGEL exercises are recommended by gynecologists, urologists, physicians and physical therapists from decades to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. By using weights, you can rapidly  strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. NeoKeg can improve your resistance training for pelvic floor muscles.

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UPTD – Adding Weight Resistance To Kegel Exercise For Men

Unisex Pelvic Training Device (UPTD) is a medical device recommended by doctors to strengthen your PC muscles. It provides the weight resistance training to do KEGEL exercise for men and women. Strength levels can increased significantly in the first week of use—a result multiple times faster than traditional pelvic floor exercises.

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FPTD – Adding Weight Resistance To Kegel Exercise For Women

Do all women want to have full control of her bladder, a smoother childbirth process and increased physical stimulation during intercourse? All of these are possible when KEGEL exercises are performed regularly and correctly. By adding the weight resistance offered by the FPTD -Female Pelvic Training Device, you will see better results in a shorter period of time.

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